Obstetric Care

I offer obstetric care based at my private practice at St Vincent's Private Hospital in East Melbourne. You will need to have a referral from your General Practitioner to make an appointment with me. Your first appointment with me will usually be around nine to ten weeks of your pregnancy. I will perform an ultrasound in my rooms when I meet you at that first consultation. From there, a schedule of visits are arranged with me - usually every four to six weeks. At the 28th week of your pregnancy these visits are fortnightly. At the 36th week, they will become weekly.

I deliver all my babies at either St Vincnet's Private or Epworth Freemasons - which is also in East Melbourne. Both St Vincent's Private and Epworth Freemasons are excellent hospitals that will provide you with first-class maternity care. For your post-natal care, the Park Hyatt is an option you may want to consider depending on what happens with your pregnancy and delivery. You will need to have a follow up visit with me when your baby is six weeks old.
If your pregnancy is more advanced, it is still fine to book with me. Contact the practice for further information.

You can read more about my services for low-risk pregnancies using the Embrace Care program offered by St Vincent's Private Hospital.